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Music & Sound

1. Ideation

We start by understanding what your company and brand is all about. We then develop a clear idea on delivering your message in a simple and effective explainer video.

2. Script

Our scriptwriter drafts your script that best explains your message in a simple, effective, and engaging way that is suitable for your animated video.

3. Storyboard

Our illustrator will break down your script and bring it to life with quick frames that show how the animation will unfold, laying down the foundation for your video.

4. Voiceover

We recruit talented VO artists from all around with a tone that matches the need of your project and then record the script.

5. Animation

We combine the storyboard and voiceover to begin moving characters and object to bring your video and message to life.

6. Music & Sound

Finally we place the finishing touches by adding background music suitable for your video along with sound effects to engage your audience.

Your Answers


How is the communication done?

In the age of technology, we’ve handled 100% our projects via email, calls, and Skype. It quickens the process, makes us efficient and saves you time.

How many revisions are allowed?

We allow for 3 revisions at the storyboard phase and 3 revisions at the animation stage, trust us you’ll never need more than 2.

What are your rates?

We make it simple, our prices are based on the length of the video. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we first need to learn more about your project and specifics, so please get in contact today so that we can help.

Who owns the rights to the video?

You do, 100% of the video, it’s all yours. If you’re so kind to let us showcase it on our portfolio we’d be even happier.

We're in a hurry, can we jump the line?

Absolutely! Let us know, and we’ll see how we can put you at the front of the line. Just a heads up, this will cost extra.

How long is the process?

We usually take 6-8 weeks to produce a video, but if you provide same day feedback we can finish it in under 4 weeks.

How do we pay?

50% at the start of the project and 50% at the end. We send you an online invoice payable by major credit and debit cards. If you want to set up an e-Transfer, we can arrange that as well.

Can we provide the script?

Sure thing, give us the script and we can hand it over to our writers to take a look polish it up if possible, and we can proceed from there.

Can we talk more?

Absolutely, we love discussing your ideas and projects. You can fill out the contact form below, or call us at +1 – 226 – 777 – 0381

How do you send me the goods?

We share everything via a DropBox file that we create for you at the start of the project. Everything you need and produced will be found there.

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